Roquette Science

- Orange, New South Wales, AUS

All My Friends are Rockstars

- Santa Cruz, California, USA

One fine day, along with my San Fransician flatmates Alyssa, Piper & Gaja, I took a road trip south of the city for a Sunday stroll around Santa Cruz. I distinctly remember arriving at the windy beach because it was far from water frolicking weather. Instead I delighted in watching the light of a vanishing sun illuminate my friends, each in their own unique way, before sinking into the horizon.

I don't recall exactly what prompted me to take this photo, whether it was the perfect light, Spotify on the iPhone or simply Gaja's breathtaking profile. Whatever it may have been, I was reminded of The Reminder.

Rest. Reflect. Recharge.

And that is exactly what this day was all about.

The aim of this one day event organised in cooperation with another local Yoga Teacher, Penny Todman, was to offer fellow country folk the opportunity to relax and reflect in the style of an exotic overseas Retreat Centre (that wouldn't break the budget).

With a specific focus on providing relevant techniques and information useful for day-to-day life, the special Sunday comprised Yoga, Breathwork and Guided Meditation paired with our colourfully nutritious menu of homemade vegetarian goodness.

Infographic - McAfee

- Sydney, NSW, Australia

This is a recent Infographic on Australian Small Businesses commissioned by the friendly people of Pinstripe Media on behalf of McAfee® - An Intel Company.

Infographic - Pinstripe Media

- Sydney, NSW, Australia

Infographic on Staff Retention for Pinstripe Media's Hong Kong push.

    *  Infographics  are a form of digital media used to display large amounts of information in a colourful and easy-to-read manner. They are designed to be scrolled through or read using Smart Phones and Tablets.


* Infographics are a form of digital media used to display large amounts of information in a colourful and easy-to-read manner. They are designed to be scrolled through or read using Smart Phones and Tablets.

Food Week Event

- Orange, NSW, Australia

This was a commissioned piece for Orange Food Week Event organised by the Cancer Council of NSW. The aim of the Charity Art Auction is to raise funds for and generate awareness of the many community health projects initiated the Cancer Council. All artworks for the auction were kindly donated by artists local to Orange and surrounding townships.

I created this flyer with a recycled-yet-modern feel that compliments the style of the much loved local kitchen, The Agrestic Grocer, where the event will take place.

fiona dickson design photography blog media australia
fiona dickson design photography blog media australia

Tequila Tromba

- Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

As fate would have it my time in Mexico coincided with the official launch party of Tequila Tromba, the brain child of two Mexican-loving Aussie chaps, Nick Reid and Eric Brass.

Embracing the stereotype of a novice photographer in a foreign land, I arrived at the agave plantation fiesta laden with camera gear and ready to shoot. Whether it was as a result of the strikingly beautiful landscape, traditional Mexican banquet, background Mariachi Band, numerous half-warm beers or subsequent icy cold cocktails sipped around the foot of a shady tree, magic happened.

A selection of the photographs I took over the course of this memorable (yet somewhat blurry) day have since been used in rotation by the guys at Tequila Tromba for digital and print media.

Underwater Love

- San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Life in the desert would have been unbearable if not for having a pool at our convenience. In the Summer of 2011, I spent more time submerged in chlorine than the cumulative pool hours I clocked up throughout my entire childhood. 

This series of photos were taken on a GoPro and then re-photographed to create texture right before I ended up with an ear infection caused by prolonged periods of time holding my breath underwater. 

Ze Chicken Coupeth

- San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Who'd have thought a love of triangles could be translated into something that would house a family of chickens? Certainly not me. In any case, it happened, and the end result turned out to be really fun. 

This was a little project I created whilst volunteering at Raices y Brazos in Mexico. Before sketching up any plans I researched how chickens like to live and discovered two important factors. When designing a chicken coupe, it is important to incorporate both an open shaded area and an above ground area where hens can comfortably lay their eggs. 


Made mostly from bamboo collected on the property, upon completion the A-frame coupe was light-weight, portable and a breeze to clean thanks to the detachable roof panel and removable floor piece. Using some old iced tea cans I found scattered around the farm plus a nail and a hammer to decorate, I made the head piece for the "guardian of the coup".

However, like everything exposed to the ferocious sun and winter rains of the Mexican desert, my Summer-of-love project only maintained its original form for a few years before the bamboo started lifting. As you can see in the photo, the chickens don't seem too concerned about the gaping hole in their living room wall.

Culture & Roots @ Raices y Brazos

- San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico


A salvaged flyer from an ongoing party we organised and ran during my time volunteering at Raices y Brazos in San Jose del Cabo.

Colectivo Aqua

- San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Colectivo Aqua is the brain child of Marce Resendez and is a group dedicated to sharing information about the importance of water through demonstrations and exhibitions. Comprising a small group of core members and a wider network of dancers, musicians and artists, the collective offers the public an opportunity to develop a personal connection with and understanding of water with the hope to bring about greater public awareness about the need to look after this vital resource.

This video is one of the public performances put on by Colectivo Aqua during a local fair in San Jose del Cabo. I was involved behind the scenes helping out with costumes, makeup and organisation of the successful event.

Bwareville Portrait Shoot

- Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

These photos of Jim DiCarlo were taken just days before the official opening of the Bwareville flagship store in downtown Honululu. The portraits were intended for use in print and digital media as Jim is often asked to provide a portrait of himself when interviewed from afar.

Roadside Veggie Stand

- Goldsborough, Maine, USA


This old-fashioned sign was made of timber grown, sawn, shaped, painted and lacquered at Zocalo Post Oil Institute in Maine. Lucky for us we had a few electric tools to play with, but for the most part this wooden sign was made entirely by hand under a pleasantly Spring sun.

Vintage Bedside Lamp

- Sydney, NSW, Australia


A scribble of a lamp I once owned that shines light on a few aspects of my insanity.

The image, which I drew on a tattered piece of paper, became a bit of an in joke between friends who understand (or just accept) my bizarre sense of humour. Thus, it must be included if for no other reason than its sentimental significance.