Pyramid Yoga

Pyramid Yoga, a Yoga and Retreat Center on Koh Phan Nang in Thailand, holds a dear place in my heart.

It was at this very Center that I spent three months of my life studying to become a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2013. During this time I developed a special bond with David Goulett, the founder of Pyramid Yoga, and offered to assist him in his vision of generating more student and volunteer leads by creating a fresh, informational and highly integrated website.

Using information sourced from Pyramid Yoga's previous website, as well as date collected from surveys completed by my peers,  I created the current website using a platform that enables information, images, events and blog posts to be clearly presented and shared over multiple social networks with ease.

I designed, wrote (or edited) and photographed much of the website's current content in addition to creating and linking new user accounts on various social media platforms to drive traffic towards the new webpage.

Due to the new webpage, Social Media "Un-Guru" David, now has access to a much wider pool of followers worldwide as well as a simple and strategic manner by which he can communicate with them through multiple channels.

Let's be honest here, how many Guru's do you think spend time watching YouTube tutorials learning how to self-promote on Facebook?