Speranza Caminando

Roberto Speranzito, as I so fondly call him, is a good friend of mine for whom I made this travel blog.

In late 2015, Robbie ventured off on a solo-journey around the continent of South America. There he shared paradigm shifting ceremonies with Amazonian medicine men, existential conversation in exotic locations, and a whole lot'a salsa dancing with as many fiery Latino lasses as possible (all of whom, Robbie assured me, would give Shakira a run for her booty-shaking money).

In both Italian and Spanish, speranza or esperanza translated means "hope", and caminando means "walking".  I felt this image to be quite fitting, granted Robbie's motivations to travel and subsequent realizations. Speranza Caminando aka Hope Walking, has a sweetness and profundity that reflect Robbie's, well, sweetness and profundity.