¡Viva Vida!

Viva Vida, which translates from Spanish into "Live or Celebrate Life", is an experimental love project that I share with others through the old double-yah double-yah double-yah.

Through Viva Vida I offer a multitude of things from Yoga Sessions to Nutritional Information and Recipes to creative ways in which we can each relate to our environment in positive ways.

A little left of centre, the current website is made using symbolism and geometry as a means of paying homage to my teachers and studies. The site links into a number of social media platforms through which I generate traffic to my business as well as interest in a variety of issues that I believe are important in the general state, health and happiness of our planet.

Honest and direct from the heart, the Viva Vida webpage has enabled me to reach and share personal observations, inspiration, information and images for the last 6 months with a growing international audience.

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